I have been running Kubernetes (Intro & Advanced) & Infrastructure as Code workshops at conferences & private sessions for clients for a few years now but it has always been in-person. I wanted to try out virtual full-day workshops if there is enough interest.

All the workshops will be hands-on and interactive, giving attendees a thorough understanding of the topic.
You can see the description of the sessions available at the bottom of the page.
If interested, please signup below, and I will contact you with further details.

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Workshow Details:

Introduction to Docker/Kubernetes:
* Docker & Kubernetes Basics
* Tips/Gotchas of using Kubernetes
* Running applications in Kubernetes using Hands-On exercises

Advanced Kubernetes Workshop:
* Advanced Kubernetes architecture
* Running in Production
* Networking & Security
* Deployment strategies
* Logging & Monitoring
* Extending Kubernetes
* Troubleshooting in Production

Fundamentals of Infrastructure as Code:
* Fundamentals
* Hands-on exercises using Terraform
* Principles, Patterns, and Practices of Effective IaC